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Our Dermatonics facial is designed to help restore skin hydration while providing antioxidants & gentle active ingredients. A truly relaxing & rejuvenating facial ideal for dry, dehydrated slightly sensitive skin types.
A targeted complexion brightening facial combined with LED to help improve various forms of hyperpigmentation ( particularly Melasma ) age spots & uneven skin tone over time. Specific antioxidants & natural actives are used to help prevent hyperpigmentation development.
Our invigorating & rejuvenating facial that is designed to boost your internal antioxidants, increase circulation, promote a more youthful & radiant appearance. This facial is ideal for those that love an active facial where you can feel a good tingle! Not suitable for sensitive skin.
Ideal for teen skin or skin subjected to pollution that is oily, congested & slightly breakout prone. A refreshing, deep cleansing detoxifying facial containing superb ingredients that help clarify the skin, help calm inflammation & assist in repairing damaged skin.
A targeted facial with the goal of age prevention. Combined with LED Phototherapy to boost antioxidants in the skin & assist with healthy collagen production. With a course of treatments you will notice improved skin tone, fine lines & wrinkles.
Our unique facial combined with LED. This facial helps to improve, heal & repair visible spots & cystic acne whilst also helps to prevent future breakouts. It can help calm inflammation & pain associated with acne.

Dermatonics calming facial that is combined with LED to help provide active ingredients that help calm, soothe, repair & hydrate sensitive skin, rosacea-prone & eczema-prone skin.